LineWatch low/medium voltage sensing and monitoring devices provide utilities with the situational awareness they need to address a number of smart grid applications including substation monitoring, grid automation, asset mgt, fault detection, non-technical losses, capacitor bank monitoring, volt/VAR optimization/conservation voltage reduction. LineWatch devices are easily and quickly installed using a hotstick and can deliver data over any communication platform to existing SCADA and other databases or to its headend data collection engine.

LineWatch sensors are a product from QineitQ North America (QNA). For over 50 years, QNA has been providing world-class technology development and revolutionary products to the commercial, defense, security and transportation markets. Customers rely on QinetiQ NA products to increase situational awareness, improve processes, reduce costs and to protect important assets. QNA products make it easier to monitor, manage and protect complex systems and critical assets and even save lives! Learn more by visiting www.qinetiq-na.com.

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