Low Voltage Market Applications

Theft Detection/Anomalous Usage

Identify, reduce and eliminate power theft by deploying sensor technology as an energy balancing tool identifying losses, interruptions and malicious usage.

Grid Automation

Enable remote monitoring and operation of grid infrastructure for more efficient and automated management of the grid avoiding operational costs.

Voltage and Power Measurements

Improve efficiency of the distribution grid by monitoring voltage, current, real and reactive power. Voltage and current waveforms are captured and processed by an integrated microprocessor, providing detailed power quality information.

Fault Detection and Outage Management

The sensor system features outage ride-through super capacitors in order to supply last gasp messages. This allows for easy identification of the location of a fault to quickly restore power.

Asset Management

Asset monitoring for improved management and allocation of capital expenses.

Green Energy/Renewables Integration

Distributed generation interconnection permitting and ongoing monitoring.

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